Multitouch tables with object recognition are becoming increasingly popular at trade shows and exhibitions.
Diamonds: This demo app shows the possibilities of object recognition with transparent tokens.
Agricultural Systems of the Future: This completely CMS-based app visualizes content of the agriculture of the future. All design elements are animated and illustrate machine parts. The machine represents technical progress.

Interactive Scape

Internal Project
& Leibniz Institut Großbeeren

Diamonds Demo → 2020
Agricultural Systems of the Future → 2019

→ Visual Concept
→ UI Design
→ 3D Modeling/Animation (Blender)


Object Recognition

Since there are no actual images of this product yet, the rendering shows how this app might look in action. The design should inspire potential customers and illustrate what is possible with this transparent object recognition technology.


This simple animation shows how now the light from the screen can be used as an exciting interaction tool.

UI Screens

To encourage the viewer to interact, a generative animation runs on the screen: a spinning diamond which builds up through lines. On touch, an animation appears and a menu builds up from animated triangles.

Agricultural Systems of the Future

This app was used at trade fairs to make it easier for visitors to understand the complex content which could be inserted online by the client via a CMS.

Images by Victor Nastasa

UI Design

The UI consists of individual modules and elements, which could be freely assembled via the CMS. The background is a generative animation (wafting triangles). When the object is recognized, an abstract machine is builing up around the object.